Champ At Home

Mayor is Alfred’s fur baby, a 7 month old Pomeranian. A darling at home who gives everyone joy with her bubbly personality, cuddling and playing or simply guarding the troop (including house plants) is her hobby.

When we got him from his breeder, his eyes and paws were heavily stained. I knew right then and there that we have to use #1 All Systems’ Pure White Lightening Shampoo and Shazam Whitening Gel. After a month of using these products, we greatly noticed the improvement on the stained areas. We also incorporated the usage of the Crisp Coat Shampoo to improve the volume and texture of his coat as he is currently on monkey stage. To retain the moisture and to improve on the coat’s manageability, we used the Botanical Conditioner. Matts, tangles and knots were easier to manage because of the conditioner and it smells great too! We will always use #1 All Systems as this is the brand that we’ve been using for the past 7 years. This grooming line has everything we need. Forever fan, Mayor’s Pawrents

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